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Wisdom from a different (Internet) age

It doesn’t happen very often, but I was pointed to an online article recently that dates back almost a decade. The Pitchman is a story by Malcolm Gladwell about “Ron Popeil, who invented a better rotisserie in his kitchen and went … Continue reading

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Head Hunting; a brand new way to recruit top talent

I’m pleased to announce the first public beta release of an exciting new service from Crossbone Systems. Head Hunting is a revolutionary new way to recruit employees at a fraction of the cost of other methods such as recruitment agencies … Continue reading

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Stay legal and pay yourself with PAYE in the UK; (Part 2)

[Note:- this article was originally scheduled for appearance in April but unfortunately time constraints delayed it until after the 2008 end-of-year filing deadline. I’ve published it now in the hope that it will show potential company-founders how easy it is … Continue reading


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The best bits from BStartup 2008 (Friday)

Apart from my initial earlier thoughts on I encountered at the conference, BStartup 2008 (at the London ExCeL centre) was a good experience. For brevity, I’ve summarized a few of the most relevant and interesting people and services, below.

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Stay legal and pay yourself with PAYE in the UK (Part 1)

Once you’ve started your own limited company and people are paying for your products or services, you may want to start taking a salary. This is a good idea for several reasons: It’s the main way to legally move money … Continue reading

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Setting up a limited company with nothing but 20 quid, some ideas and an Internet connection

This article is all about how to set up an official private limited company, but to write about that subject requires me to make some assumptions. Without any, I’d have to write an entire book. So here are my assumptions … Continue reading

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Waiting for god

One of the constants of (UK) business seems to be late payment. I’ve seen many articles written about this, and it’s an unfortunate situation. But the reality is that when you send someone an invoice, the chances are that you’re … Continue reading

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Small is beautiful

When they talk about small companies, people often seem to get very scared about “looking like an amateur” and treat it as a big bad bogey man who must be appeased at all cost. Granted, everyone wants to look professional, … Continue reading

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The tax inspectors cometh (via post)

Crossbone systems was formed electronically with Companies House on the 21st of November, 2007. Using myself as the example, the dates on documents I have received indicate that it takes only two days for HM Revenue & Customs to receive … Continue reading

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Does your bank love or hate you?

It turns out that banks love high-tech guys. They can’t wait to shower us in “free” services and add-on products designed to make our lives easier. The poor market trader with his stacks of cash is totally obsolete from a … Continue reading

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