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Swap your Rails stack traces for a REPL

The Developer tools I really love are those that help me reduce the time that elapses between a bug occurring and a bug being fixed. One of the more obvious types of bug is a top-level unhandled exception. The message “I’m … Continue reading

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Get productive: hacking Sublime Text 2 for faster rails/project navigation

Programmer productivity stems from the ability to easily and efficiently navigate, create and edit the code you need to work with. To this end, it’s incredibly important to pay attention to the efficiency of your own daily workflow. If you’re … Continue reading

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How to make Chrome understand the Sass/SCSS in your rails app

When you open the Chrome web inspector, you can browse to the styles that are being applied to your elements. It’s great. Unfortunately, if you’re using a framework like LESS or Sass, then by default Chrome will reference the CSS … Continue reading

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Using facebook connect (only) to authorize users with authlogic

I’ve been working on our semi-stealthy new webapp for the last couple of months and I’ve been putting off fixing a bug for ages because it was so damned weird. We want users to be able to sign-up with facebook … Continue reading

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mig_constraints is not compatible with rails 2.3

Although it’s old, mig_constraints has sat in my rails plugin directory for a while now because it adds much needed foreign key support to ActiveRecord. I’m on of those crazy guys that thinks a relational database should maintain relational integrity, … Continue reading

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Setting up a kick-ass rails server on Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty)

I recently created a new slicehost and thought I’d try the latest Ubuntu release with it. Unlike brightbox hosting, you only get a plain boring ubuntu installation out of the box on slicehost (and various other VPS-based hosting services). A … Continue reading

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Nokogiri fails to work on Solaris (11), but fix it like this!

I’ll have a better fix up in the near future, but for now, the ruby gem “Nokogiri” crashed out on me on Joyent’s Solaris platform. Its error was a little cryptic unless you’re familiar with libc. I can’t reproduce it here … Continue reading

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Getting Rails 2.2 to work on Mac OS X, despite the MySQL ruby “gem”

rubygems makes package management a nightmare. This is demonstrated every time you try and setup a new server using your operating system’s ruby/rails packages. It gets fully demonstrated when you try and upgrade to Rails 2.2 on a Mac. You can … Continue reading

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Explained: learning Ruby on Rails (Part 2)

If you followed along in , you will have downloaded and installed Netbeans 6 to get a complete Ruby development environment. You should also have prototyped a web design idea, added some dynamic code to it, and got cosy with … Continue reading

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Explained: how the hell do I *really* learn Ruby on Rails?

I own several books on Rails, all of them very well written and pleasant to read. But there’s a big difference between reading a book and knowing & learning a platform. You have to code in that platform, you have … Continue reading

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