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Blur This! (or Demonstrating MobileSafari’s Awesome Support for CSS3 Filter Effects)

The (iOS native) Yahoo! weather app displays a nice flickr photo of each weather location, and a minimalist information architecture: the most important data you need is immediately visible while it’s just a single tap to drill down into more … Continue reading

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Using CSS3 Transitions to Animate the (Yahoo Weather App’s) Rising Sun

The Yahoo! Weather app for iOS is a triumph of form meeting function. One of its fun visual tricks is how the sunrise and sunset times are presented: Although the Yahoo! app is a native iOS app, MobileSafari’s CSS3 support … Continue reading

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A quick Sublime hack for faster Sass/CSS editor productivity

tl;dr: I made a Sublime plugin to show the corresponding CSS selector in the status bar when your cursor is next to a closing brace. Here’s why. Staying in flow is one of the hardest and most important things you … Continue reading

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Get productive: hacking Sublime Text 2 for faster rails/project navigation

Programmer productivity stems from the ability to easily and efficiently navigate, create and edit the code you need to work with. To this end, it’s incredibly important to pay attention to the efficiency of your own daily workflow. If you’re … Continue reading

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Using the Chrome Inspector to edit your site’s Dark Matter

And by Dark Matter I mean “content that only gets styled by pseudo-selectors”. 🙂 When you’re rebuilding, re-designing or even tweaking a website, it’s often quite painful to restyle the items on a page that are hidden by default. Navigation … Continue reading

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How to make Chrome understand the Sass/SCSS in your rails app

When you open the Chrome web inspector, you can browse to the styles that are being applied to your elements. It’s great. Unfortunately, if you’re using a framework like LESS or Sass, then by default Chrome will reference the CSS … Continue reading

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Next stop San Francisco

In just a few days I’m moving to San Francisco! I’m insanely excited, both about moving to the city and that next month I’ll officially become an employee of Rapportive, Inc. If you’ve never heard of Rapportive, you should check … Continue reading

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Fixing a Sequel Pro compilation error

I tried to download and build the source code for Sequel Pro today and ran into a hitch. After following the instructions for grabbing the source code and trying to compile it, X-Code refused to succesfully build the app, instead … Continue reading

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Using facebook connect (only) to authorize users with authlogic

I’ve been working on our semi-stealthy new webapp for the last couple of months and I’ve been putting off fixing a bug for ages because it was so damned weird. We want users to be able to sign-up with facebook … Continue reading

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Why Spotify Premium is too expensive, and how to fix it

I recently became a Spotify Premium customer, for two main reasons: I’d spent an afternoon listening to spotify at my desk and wanted to carry on listening to the same playlists on my iPhone while I was walking somewhere. As … Continue reading

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