Head Hunting; a brand new way to recruit top talent

I’m pleased to announce the first public beta release of an exciting new service from Crossbone Systems.

Head Hunting is a revolutionary new way to recruit employees at a fraction of the cost of other methods such as recruitment agencies and big job sites. As a Facebook application, Head Hunting allows you to hire new employees with a little help from your friends.

This week the service has launched into “public beta”, which means anyone can post and search job listings for free.
Although the service has only launched in a beta release, these exciting features for recruiters are now available:

  1. Post jobs on Head Hunting
  2. Share your jobs on your profile (in a profile box or on a tab), your news feed, with friends, etc.
  3. Receive questions about your jobs (and easily publish follow-up answers)
  4. Get a birds eye view of everyone applying for your vacancies
  5. Easily promote your listing on facebook, your blog or your website
Job seekers have not been left out either. We already have a range of powerful features to help people discover exciting, relevant job opportunities. However, during our beta period, our primary focus is on driving small business owners, managers and HR professionals to start listing their vacancies. 
Browsing for jobs using Head Hunting

Browsing for jobs using Head Hunting

If you’re looking for a new employee but don’t have the time, money or patience for recruitment agents, then list your job on Head Hunting today.

The beta period is expected to run for several months. Any questions should be directed to lee@crossbonesystems.com.

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