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Create an SEO-friendly website and be up and running in minutes

When you haven’t got any money and you need a website that will look nice and professional, my advice would be to head over to As well as being really easy to update (even for non-technical users), they offer … Continue reading

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How to build a web start-up

Ryan Carson just posted a link to a short video he’s made listing some top money-saving tips for starting up a web company. He also talks through a useful spreadsheet that helps you plan your cash flow for the first … Continue reading

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Coping with all VAT tax

Tax is a slightly scary area. I’ve been reading a lot about VAT lately, primarily to make sure I’m fully compliant with all UK laws in the matter, but also to determine how to maximize my income. As of April … Continue reading

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Setting up a limited company with nothing but 20 quid, some ideas and an Internet connection

This article is all about how to set up an official private limited company, but to write about that subject requires me to make some assumptions. Without any, I’d have to write an entire book. So here are my assumptions … Continue reading

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Waiting for god

One of the constants of (UK) business seems to be late payment. I’ve seen many articles written about this, and it’s an unfortunate situation. But the reality is that when you send someone an invoice, the chances are that you’re … Continue reading

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